11 May 2023
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4 ways to boost e-commerce revenue with a better checkout experience

46% of surveyed South Africans indicated the payments experience played a role in choosing where they shop online. In our latest guide, we’ve outlined four ways e-commerce businesses can improve their checkout experience, and how Stitch can help finance teams improve payments operations.

Thea Sokolowski, Head of Marketing and Communications

As South African consumers become more familiar with shopping online, they’re becoming more discerning and demanding a better, more convenient purchase and e-commerce checkout experience. In a recent survey, we found that 46% of consumers in South Africa indicated they would choose where to shop based on the payments experience.

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For e-commerce businesses, competition for the same cart is growing, and cart abandonment can be a real challenge. One major influence on the e-commerce checkout experience is a smooth payments process - both during checkout and when it comes to refunds.

For finance teams, the ability to provide the best possible experience and arm customers with the payment method options they’ve come to expect means managing multiple payments providers, methods and banks; working to reduce costs due to chargebacks and fees; and staying on top of reconciliation and disbursements.

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E-commerce checkout optimisation: How to improve user experience and increase conversion

We’ve looked at four ways businesses can improve their e-commerce checkout and payments experience to increase conversion and revenue, and how Stitch can help finance teams improve payments operations, to reduce admin burden.

  • Simplify the checkout flow + reduce steps to payment
  • Offer the payment methods your customers expect
  • Earn trust + reassure customers their transactions are secure
  • Offer an equally seamless return and refund experience

Learn how to implement these optimisations in the full guide.

With payment methods that can serve all consumers - Card, Instant EFT, Debit Order, Cash, Payouts - and PayOS, a streamlined payments management and orchestration system for finance teams, e-commerce businesses can improve conversion, reduce drop-off and streamline payments operations through a single API. 

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