Accept secure bank transfers directly from a user’s financial account

Enable customers to initiate in-flow payments directly from their bank accounts, without leaving your checkout flow. Receive instant notifications for proof of payment, and get paid same-day.

Lower fees

Low cost, without chargebacks

Stitch enables bank-to-bank payments, with significantly lower fees than card transactions – and without fraud or chargebacks.

Increased conversion

Stitch enables fast, secure checkouts with instant payments made directly from a user’s bank account, reducing dropoff and cart abandonment.


Supports any vertical

Avoid restrictions from card networks and ensure your customers can make a secure payment, no matter which vertical your business operates in.


Easy to integrate

The Stitch API can be integrated in as little as two days or less – and our team is here to support you from start to finish.

How it works

Make it easier than ever for customers to pay

The user is introduced to Stitch, keeping the relationship between them, you and Stitch clear and transparent.

They are reassured that they’re in control and that their personal and financial data are secured.

The user selects an institution and logs in with their security credentials.

In keeping with our principle of progressive disclosure, we take this opportunity to reassure the user that their credentials are securely encrypted and that they will never be made accessible to anyone.

Once logged in, the customer selects the account to wish pay from and confirms the payment.

How your business can leverage Stitch InstantPay

Stitch was born from a desire to make it easier and faster to launch and scale financial products


Get exactly what you want, when you need it. The Stitch API is built on GraphQL for faster and simpler queries, and to integrate seamlessly with your front end. See how easy it is.

Front-end integration

We provide hosted pages so you don’t have to build the UI for user-authentication from scratch. Choose from an embedded or redirect option and theme to match your brand. Mobile SDKs launching soon!

Security and Privacy

We take data security and privacy extremely seriously


We securely encrypt all data shared by users. Sensitive information is stored using RSA-OAEP 2048 and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault.

Confidentiality & Consent

Stitch never shares users’ credentials with anyone. All payments and data sharing must be authorised by users.

Start building with Stitch for free and scale your financial solutions, faster

Stitch offers a single API that takes enables businesses to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data, and seamless and secure payments and payouts.

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