• InstantPay

Easily accept secure Instant EFT payments at checkout

Enable Instant EFT payments within guest checkout flows, via payment link or QR codes. Receive instant notifications for proof of payment, and access funds within 24 hours. 

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  • Lower fees, no chargebacks image

    Lower fees, no chargebacks

    Accept Instant EFT payments with significantly lower fees than card transactions and no chargebacks.

How it works

Make it easier than ever for customers to pay

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    Introduction and bank selection

    First-time users are introduced to Stitch SafeLink and the Instant EFT method and are reassured that they’re in control and that their personal and financial data are secured. Returning users skip straight to bank selection, eliminating unnecessary friction from the process. 

  • Confirming an account@3x.png

    Log in, account selection and authentication

    The user logs into their banking portal without leaving the flow and selects the account they want to pay with.

    SafeLink adapts to the requirements of each bank, handling OTPs, app-push and other MFAs required to authorise the payment – even CAPTCHA.

  • Remember me function@3x.png

    Returning users pay even faster

    Users have the option of saving a beneficiary and remembering account details, allowing them to make payments in under 10 seconds when they return.

Use cases

How your business can leverage Stitch InstantPay

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce image

    Enable fast, secure checkouts anywhere on your e-commerce site with one simple link.

    • Developers

    Build a delightful payments experience without the heavy lifting

    API The Stitch API is built on GraphQL for faster and simpler queries, and to integrate seamlessly with your front end. See how easy it is.

    Front-end integration We provide hosted pages so you don’t have to build the UI for user-authentication from scratch.

    • Security & Privacy

    We take data security and privacy extremely seriously

    Encryption We securely encrypt all data shared by users. Sensitive information is stored using RSA-OAEP 2048 and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault.

    Confidentiality & Consent Stitch never shares users’ credentials with anyone. All payments and data sharing must be authorised by users.

    • Why Stitch?

    Start building with Stitch for free and scale your financial solutions, faster

    Stitch offers a single API that takes enables businesses to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data, and seamless and secure payments and payouts.


    One-click payments

    Stitch is the first API in Africa to tokenise user financial accounts, enabling one-click payments

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