Effective as of February 2021

This document, Terms of Service and End User Privacy Policy (collectively known as the “Terms”), is meant to help you (the “end user”) understand how we at Stitch collect, use, and share end user information in our possession to operate, improve, develop, and protect our services, and as otherwise outlined in the Terms. Please take some time to read the Terms carefully.

Please note that these terms apply to Stitch Money (Pty) Ltd (2018/409288/07).

1. Who is Stitch?

Stitch provides technology that allows you to connect your bank account to apps/websites and gives you control over what you share. This allows you to connect to a variety of products, across various verticals, such as budgeting, lending, insurance, etc.

Our mission at Stitch is to empower consumers and give them ownership over their personal and financial data. We do this by transforming existing data silos of the financial system into centralised hubs, to which Stitch lets consumers connect what they want, when they need to.

These products are built by companies and developers (collectively known as “Developers”) that integrate with us and use our developer tools and services to do so.

2. About the Terms

Our goal with the Terms is to provide a simple and straightforward explanation of what information Stitch collects from and about end users (“End User Information”), and how we use and share that information.

We aim to provide a clear, concise and transparent description of how we use your End User Information.

Please note that the Terms only cover the information that Stitch collects, uses, and shares. It does not explain what Developers do with any End User Information we provide to them (or any other information they may collect about you separately from Stitch.

The Terms also does not cover any websites, products, or services provided by others.

We encourage you to enquire with the Developers directly if you wish to have more information about their use case and practices. Should you have trouble contacting them, please reach out to us by using the information provided in “Contacting Stitch” and we will help facilitate this.