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Improve your customer and supplier onboarding experience and enable seamless payments across your marketplace or platform

Stitch makes it as easy to simultaneously accept payments from customers, pay your suppliers and merchants, and collect your fees

Get your merchants and suppliers onboarded in under 2 minutes so they can begin making and receiving payments faster. Once they’re verified, enable direct account-to-account bank payments for them and simplify complex, multi-party flows to a single API call.

split payments

Offer a seamless checkout experience

Enable your customers to initiate fast, secure payments directly from their bank accounts into yours – and pay out your suppliers with or without involving your platform in the flow of funds.

Offer instant or same-day withdrawals to pay out your suppliers more quickly

Offer fast payouts to your marketplace suppliers so they can get their money as soon as they earn it.

Onboard your customers and suppliers in less than 2 minutes and activate them sooner

Stitch enables a fast, digital onboarding experience so you can verify customers and suppliers in record time. Enable both sides to get started on day one, significantly reducing time to activation.

Some of the businesses building better with Stitch

Other types of businesses Stitch helps launch, optimise and scale

Start building with Stitch for free and scale your financial solutions, faster

Stitch offers a single API that takes enables businesses to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data, and seamless and secure payments and payouts.

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