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25 April 2022

Introducing Stitch LinkPay: link an account for one-click pay-ins and payouts

by Junaid Dadan, CPO

We’re excited to officially launch our core payments product, Stitch LinkPay. This is the first payments solution that tokenises financial accounts and enables variable recurring payments. Now, your customers can link their preferred financial accounts via Stitch and enjoy a payments experience as convenient as card, but without high fees or fraud.

Once an account is linked, returning users can make a payment in just one click.

What’s new?

Stitch tokenises financial accounts so returning users can make one-click payments without logging into their accounts again. LinkPay can be combined with our full suite of products to enable a seamless payments experience that leverages a single linked account:

  • Link and pay later: users can choose to link their accounts as a preferred payment method and come back to make payments at any time
  • LinkPay + Payouts: LinkPay can be combined with Stitch Payouts to send refunds or enable withdrawals to the same verified account used for a pay-in
  • LinkPay + Financial Data: Integrate LinkPay and Financial Data for access to user account information, and transaction and balance history, enabling fast, seamless onboarding, verified payments and balance checks

Who can use LinkPay?

LinkPay was designed primarily with fintech companies and businesses with frequent returning users in mind.

  • Fintech businesses: can enable users to link their primary financial account (such as a bank account) directly to fund their wallets and investments, or make payments in seconds, and withdraw funds whenever they need.
  • Marketplaces and platforms (such as ride-hailing services) can enable their users to tokenise a bank account for seamless checkouts while also operating payouts to their suppliers
  • E-commerce businesses can build one-click checkouts by allowing returning users to save a bank account, rather than a card, at a fraction of the conversion cost and minimal fraud.

To get started with Stitch LinkPay, access test credentials now via our self-serve platform or get in touch with our sales team at sales@stitch.money.

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