12 September 2023
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Welcome to the world, WigWag

We’re excited to officially introduce our latest offering, WigWag. WigWag is a new brand designed to serve SMEs and individual business owners with easy, no code payment solutions, powered by the Stitch API. 

Thea Sokolowski, Head of Marketing & Communications

As we solidify our focus on building solutions for enterprise businesses with complex payments needs at Stitch, we realise we’re only solving part of the payments problem. Payments are not one-size-fits-all. Small businesses, independent contractors and budding social sellers are still looking for an easy way to get paid – but without complex technical integrations or the need for developer resources. We saw an opportunity to serve these businesses with a simple solution that runs on top of the Stitch API, making it easier than ever for them to get paid online.

WigWag launched today with a card offering that enables SMEs to start accepting payments in minutes. No code, no website and no stress required. We’ll even chip in R100 for the first 300 businesses that sign up and send us a payment link.

WigWag payment links

A better way to get paid

We’re excited to launch our first proper spin-out. WigWag was a project born within the Stitch walls, led by our talented Product Manager, Danielle Laity. Danielle and a small but mighty team of developers have spent the last few months designing a tool that can enable us to serve an entirely new and important audience.

SMEs and informal sellers constitute 28.8% of South African businesses today. Many of these businesses market and sell their solutions via social media. The social commerce industry in South Africa is expected to grow by 63.7% on an annual basis to US $1,36 billion in 2023 - and is further expected to record a CAGR of 38.4% during 2022-2028.

With WigWag, growing businesses can accept local and international card payments, without a website, developers or even a POS machine. They can simply tell customers “WigWag me!” and send a unique payment link in any chat or via email.

WigWag dashboard

WigWag’s origin story

Even though it formally launches today, WigWag isn’t new – in fact, our founders created the foundation for WigWag well before they built Stitch. It’s what led to their understanding of the real challenges businesses face when trying to accept payments from customers – including complex bank integrations and clunky user experiences - which in turn prompted them to pivot and focus on the infrastructure powering seamless payments instead (enter Stitch). For a long time, we’ve used WigWag internally as a P2P solution to test Stitch products, send each other funds and demonstrate the power of Stitch to our early clients.

Today, WigWag remains powered by Stitch and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs and small sellers, who are looking for a solution that can make it easier for them to accept and track payments - without requiring developers or complicated integrations.

Virtually any individual or business looking to accept digital payments can use WigWag:

  • Register via the WigWag website (wigwag.me)
  • Generate a payment link with the requested amount 
  • Send the link to the customer via any chat, SMS or email 
  • That’s it - the customer can pay through the link via card. Thanks to Stitch Card, they can also save their card details so they can pay that business in one click in the future

Businesses can track pending payments and reconcile all transactions via the dashboard. They can also easily collect delivery details as part of the payment process, to track where they need to send goods upon payment.    

We’re excited to introduce WigWag to the world. To sign up, create an account now via the website. And don’t forget to tell a friend. 

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