28 February 2023

Introducing Stitch CashPay

Stitch President Junaid Dadan walks us through our latest product designed to enable businesses in South Africa to accept cash payments made at ATMs and retailers across the country, with immediate allocation of payments to a customer's digital account. 

Junaid Dadan, President

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Even as digital payments continue to grow in South Africa, many consumers still prefer to make most payments in cash. BankservAfrica estimates 9 out of 10 transactions in South Africa today are carried out in cash. Reasons range from convenience, to security, to speed.

However, those that prefer cash payments are currently excluded from services that are only able to offer digital payment methods. And those businesses are missing out on the opportunity these customers present. 

What is CashPay?

We created CashPay to give consumers more choice in how they wish to pay, enabling them to access digital products and services via cash payments, at ATMs or retailers across South Africa.

With CashPay, tasks like making a deposit into a wallet-based app, or purchasing transport tickets, can be carried out at the same time as a grocery purchase and paid in cash at the same till. Funds paid are instantly allocated to a customer’s digital account, and businesses enjoy seamless reconciliation on the backend.

With CashPay, businesses can significantly expand their reach and:

  • Accept cash deposits made at ATMs and retailers across SA 
  • Receive instant notifications for any transaction completed
  • Automatically attribute payments to the customer's account 
  • Reconcile cash payments seamlessly alongside other Stitch methods

How to get started with CashPay

Current Stitch clients can add CashPay to their integration with minimal development work. New Stitch clients can access CashPay alongside other methods such as Instant EFT, Direct Deposit and Payouts through a single integration.

Cash at ATM (1).png

How CashPay works:

  • Customer opens the app or site they wish to pay into
  • Customer selects cash as a payment method
  • Customer enters the amount they wish to pay in cash 
  • Customer is directed to their nearest cash-in point and given deposit instructions
  • The amount paid is automatically allocated to the customer’s digital account
  • The business receives an instant notification confirming the amount paid and a unique reference for seamless reconciliation

Who can use CashPay?

Virtually any business that accepts digital payments can benefit from Stitch CashPay:

  • Insurance businesses can easily collect and attribute premiums in cash
  • E-commerce businesses can increase their audience by allowing customers to make online purchases using cash
  • Transport businesses can allow passengers to purchase tickets at retailers in cash 
  • Wallet-based trading or financial services apps can allow customers to make easy deposits with cash
  • And more

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