22 June 2023
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Introducing Flow by Stitch

Flow is a new publication produced by the team at Stitch, showcasing a collection of deep dives that uncover the complexities of money movement and payments systems globally. 

Thea Sokolowski, Head of Marketing and Communications

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new publication, produced by the team at Stitch. Flow is a collection of deep dives that uncover the complexities of money movement and payments systems globally. Stories are contributed by business and fintech experts and builders globally, as well as the team at Stitch.

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Flow was created to explore questions around how cash flows and money moves today, why current systems globally exist as they do, and the ways in which we can collectively continue to iterate on them in order to better serve specific segments and move financial innovation forward.

From a comparison of instant payments systems globally, to a look at the technical mechanisms behind Europe’s merchant card rails, to an evaluation of the ways migrants and refugees in Africa can move money more easily, Flow will look at all forms of money movement, no matter the market or sector.

Flow is an independent publication. We will not promote Stitch and Stitch solutions, though members of the Stitch team will share their expertise from time to time. Our goal is to become a central source of information around payments so that everyone - from startups, to enterprises, to governments and more - can learn from one another and help to make money move better.

If you have payments expertise and are interested in contributing to Flow, please reach out at flow@stitch.money.

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