for Fintechs

Stitch helps fintech and fintech-enabled businesses across Africa onboard and understand users and enable payments to and from their wallets.

Use our financial infrastructure to build compelling products and experiences for your users

Access linked customer accounts to verify identity, view transaction history and income data, and move money into and out of your ecosystem – in no time at all.

Power your wallet with a seamless payments API

Link customers’ financial accounts as the default wallet payment method to enable instant, one-click deposits and withdrawals – without the expense and fraud of card-not-present payments. Eliminate the reconciliation overhead and delay of manual bank transfers, and improve funds conversion for your customers by more than 30%.

Onboard customers and verify account ownership in seconds

Leverage our direct connections to financial accounts to pull vetted and validated information on a customer’s identity, accountholding, and personal details. For business customers, also look up director information, registration and business account ownership details.

Access a feed of financial account data for your application

Eliminate manual bank statement reviews and understand your customers’ affordability and spending behaviour in less than 5 minutes. Build personalised products with aggregated transaction data directly from their existing financial accounts.

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Other types of businesses Stitch helps launch, optimise and scale

Start building with Stitch for free and scale your financial solutions, faster

Stitch offers a single API that takes enables businesses to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data, and seamless and secure payments and payouts.

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