What is Stitch?

A faster, more secure way to pay

Stitch is a payments service provider that makes it fast, easy and safe to pay, using whichever method you prefer, on all your favourite apps and sites.

Some businesses you may know that use and trust Stitch

Stitch makes it fast, easy and safe to make payments with the method of your choice

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    Pay by bank

    Make a fast, secure payment from your bank without leaving the app or site, right from your bank account

  • Manual EFT@2x.png
    Manual EFT

    Follow the instructions to make a secure transfer using your banking app

  • Stitch Debit Order.png
    Debit Order

    Set up a recurring Debit Order or Debicheck mandate for regular payments

  • Stitch Card@2x.png

    Pay securely using your credit or debit card

  • CashPay Methods.png

    Make a cash payment at a nearby ATM, and the money will be added to your digital account


Withdraw funds

For businesses that use Stitch for payouts, you can easily request a secure, fast withdrawal by entering your banking details or selecting to withdraw into an account you’ve already linked with Stitch.

Here’s what customers like you have to say about Stitch

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“In app payments are the future! I love how I can make a deposit immediately, straight in the Franc app.”

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“It has been smooth so far. The instant deposit works great and you are able to execute trades immediately.”

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“The deposit process went smoothly… it was so easy to use and my deposit reflected almost immediately. This was an exciting moment for me, and definitely gave me less anxiety than p2p.”

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“Swift and flexible; [it’s] instant and fast like a 
lightning strike.”


Security & Privacy

We take the security and privacy of all your data incredibly seriously

Encryption, confidentiality & consent Sensitive information is securely encrypted and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault, and payments must be authorised by the owner of the account.

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