What is Stitch?

Stitch helps businesses send, accept and manage payments

Stitch is a payments service provider, integrated directly with banks and networks across South Africa. We help businesses accept payments, send payouts and manage transactions – all in one place.

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    Why Stitch?

We work closely with client teams – from technical support, to custom-crafted solutions, to UI/UX and marketing advisory, and ongoing customer success – to make sure the Stitch API performs for your business.


Precision engineering

We have a relentless obsession with solving new, complex problems. We build with painstaking attention to detail, to continually improve on conversion, experience and reliability for our clients and their users


Client-led ethos

We offer deep support, working closely with client teams to co-develop bespoke and customised solutions that meet their unique needs – from product architecture to design and marketing support


Deep infrastructure

We leverage deep connections across the entire payments stack to provide seamless access to financial systems, resulting in higher reliability and better performance

Accept digital payments

Offer your customers secure, local and convenient ways to pay

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    Pay by bank

    Accept secure, fast payments right from a customer’s bank account

  • Manual EFT@2x.png
    Manual EFT

    Enable transfers made using customer’s banking app or portal

  • Stitch Debit Order.png
    Debit Order

    Accept recurring payments via Debit Order or Debicheck mandate

  • Stitch Card@2x.png

    Easily enable credit or debit card payments

  • CashPay Methods.png

    Reach more customers by accepting payments via ATM, attributed automatically to a customer’s digital account

Manage money movement

Stitch makes it easy for finance teams to manage payments across methods, providers and geographies in one place.

Stitch PayOS-sq@2x.png

With Stitch PayOS, businesses can integrate any payment method or provider they use into one dashboard. Set rules to present the methods they want their customers to see, when, and track and reconcile all payments, no matter where they came from.

Move money

Stitch enables programmatic payouts and disbursements via API


Enable programmatic refunds and withdrawals into the accounts used to pay-in, or send and manage disbursements via API – wherever funds are needed.

For international businesses

Stitch offers localised insights, customised solutions and deep support

We work with international businesses looking to enter or improve operations in the South African market. We make it easier for them to move money within South Africa, and avoid expensive exchange fees and international transfers.

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Security & Privacy

We take the security and privacy of all your data very seriously

Encryption, confidentiality & consent Sensitive information is securely encrypted and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault, and payments must be authorised by the owner of the account.

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Start moving and managing money better with Stitch

From technical integrations and solutions architecture to design and marketing support, we help clients engineer precise solutions to increase adoption, improve conversion and optimise operations.

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