for E-commerce

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay with one-click checkout – and save on expensive card fees.

Reduce cart abandonment by enabling your customers to make seamless, secure payments directly from their bank accounts.

With LinkPay, repeat customers can link their accounts and make secure one-click payments every time they come back. Easily send refunds via the same linked account.

pay-by-bank solution

Enable a one-click checkout experience anywhere on your e-commerce site

With Stitch, customers can pay securely from their bank accounts without leaving your site. The Stitch payment link can be integrated anywhere on your site – from the product description page to your email newsletters, and more.

Efficiently manage refunds and minimise transaction reversals and fraud

Stitch enables frictionless refunds by validating customers’ details against the bank account information they provide. Leverage linked Payouts to send instant refunds to customers’ previously linked accounts.

Some of the businesses building better with Stitch

Other types of businesses Stitch helps launch, optimise and scale

Start building with Stitch for free and scale your financial solutions, faster

Stitch offers a single API that takes enables businesses to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data, and seamless and secure payments and payouts.

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