We partner with the best to enable businesses to build better

We partner with the best platforms and aggregators, developers and builders, and incubators and accelerators on the continent – all of whom share our mission to make it easier than ever for fintech innovators to launch and scale solutions.

  • Channel partners

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    We partner with PSPs and payments platforms that enable merchants to come online and offer better ways to pay.

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      Channel Partner

      We work with some of the leading payments players in Africa

      Why work with Stitch?

      Our PSP partners integrate our best-in-class payments API to enhance their offering, enabling more users to access faster, better ways to pay.

      Partners benefit from revenue sharing and on-distribution commercial fees by selling our branded or whitelabelled products.

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      Integration Partner

      Work with Stitch clients to help them optimise their integrations and get payments flows up and running

      Why work with Stitch?

      Become a preferred integration partner and get listed in our self-serve journey as one of the providers we recommend for development assistance.

      No need to pay us a commission for deal flow – we take no fees from our integration partners. We only want to see our clients live on high-quality integrations!

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      Ecosystem Partner

      Join our ecosystem events, and offer exclusive discounts to businesses in your network

      Why work with Stitch?

      Be part of Stitch ecosystem and community events, from our hackathons to our startup showcase, to our fintech meet-ups.

      Get access to exclusive Stitch and community discounts for those in your network.

    Case studies

    Stitch helps Pay@ to enable real-time bill settlement via Instant EFT for merchants


    Payments aggregator Pay@ aims to make it as easy as possible for South African consumers to settle their bills in real time, but they were facing conversion challenges with their existing Instant EFT provider.


    Switching to a white-labelled version of Stitch InstantPay allowed Pay@ to own the InstantEFT flow – ensuring familiarity and an improved user experience. Conversion has increased substantially as customers can now settle their bills in real time and Pay@ merchants can easily reconcile money owed to them.


    The Stitch team has been great in terms of engagement.  The openness from the team has been fantastic. The Stitch API is top-notch, and it was such an easy integration process.

    Clinton Leask, Business Development Lead

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    Let’s make it easier than ever for innovators to launch and scale solutions, together

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