• LinkPay

Secure, one-click instant EFT payments

Allow users to link a bank account for a faster, more convenient payments experience with high conversion – without high fees or fear of fraud.

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Why Stitch LinkPay?

Allow your customers to link their preferred financial account and make payments in one click.

Enable a payments experience as convenient as card – without high fees or fear of fraud. Combine LinkPay with linked Payouts for a seamless and secure payments experience.

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One-click payments

Stitch tokenises user accounts so they can log in once and pay with just one click every time after.

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Higher conversion

Returning users can pay in under 10 seconds and have a conversion rate of over 95%.

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Verify account ownership

We reference account holder details to verify payments coming from a linked account.

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Seamless withdrawals and refunds

Easily enable one-click withdrawals or send refunds back to a linked and verified bank account.

How it works

Customers log in to their account once and pay in one click every time after

  • Linking an account with Stitch SafeLink@3x.png

    Customers log in to their account directly from your platform

    Customers log in to their bank and confirm the account they want to link for future payments.

    Stitch SafeLink adapts to the requirements of each bank, handling OTPs, app-push and other MFAs, including CAPTCHA.

  • Tokenisation-violet.svg

    The credentials are securely encrypted and tokenised

    Details are stored in a secure, encrypted vault hosted on Microsoft Azure. We then supply a unique, randomly-generated token that can be used to identify the customer.

  • Pay with linked account@3x.png

    Just. One. Click.

    When the customer returns to make a payment, they can do it in a single click, without the need to interact with Stitch (except in the case of reauthorisation).

Use cases

Ways your business can leverage Stitch LinkPay

  • Fintechs

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    Returning users for fintech wallets, investments and trading, peer-to-peer and other payments apps can make fast, secure deposits and withdrawals whenever they need.

    • Developers

    Build a delightful payments experience without the heavy lifting

    API The Stitch API is built on GraphQL for faster and simpler queries, and to integrate seamlessly with your front end. See how easy it is.

    Front-end integration We provide hosted pages so you don’t have to build the UI for user-authentication from scratch.

    • Security & Privacy

    Iron-clad data privacy and security you can rely on

    Encryption, confidentiality & consent Sensitive information is securely encrypted and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault, and payments must be authorised by the owner of the account.

    Compliance Stitch is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified payment service provider.

    • Why Stitch?

    Think of us as an extension of your team

    We work closely with client teams – from technical support, to custom-crafted solutions, to UI/UX and marketing advisory, and ongoing customer success – to make sure the Stitch API performs for your business.


    Precision engineering

    We have a relentless obsession with solving new, complex problems. We build with painstaking attention to detail, to continually improve on conversion, experience and reliability for our clients and their users


    Client-led ethos

    We offer deep support, working closely with client teams to co-develop bespoke and customised solutions that meet their unique needs – from product architecture to design and marketing support


    Deep infrastructure

    We leverage deep connections across the entire payments stack to provide seamless access to financial systems, resulting in higher reliability and better performance

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