Here are some things you may want to know

We’re not mind readers, but below you’ll find a few questions we thought you might ask. Check out our Developer Docs for detailed information on the Stitch API or fill out this form if you’d like to build with Stitch.

Coverage & General

We currently support the top financial institutions in South Africa and Nigeria for both payments and data products. See our Coverage page for more comprehensive and up-to-date information. We are also looking to support other banks. Let us know about the banks you want to work with by completing our get access form here.

We are currently active in South Africa and in Nigeria and are exploring other markets. We are constantly looking into new geographies, so feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in products in countries we aren’t yet active in!

You can get started as soon as today! We provide test clients to those who are ready to integrate our product, and have detailed documentation to support your development process. If you and your developers are ready to build a solution with Stitch, reach out and we can get you started as soon as possible.

Yes, we support both personal and business bank accounts. Please see our Coverage page for more information.

Unfortunately, we do not offer support for hardware tokens at this time.

Stitch’s Payments Solutions

Stitch’s Payments solutions (including Pay by Bank, Recurring, and Payouts) leverage open banking technology that leverages users’ bank accounts for bank transfer payments. These payments are known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in South Africa or NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) in Nigeria. 

Today, bank transfers are underutilised as an online payment method in comparison to the higher-fraud and more-costly method of card, mostly due to the high-friction user experience involved with completing a bank transfer. With Stitch you can build the capability to accept user-initiated bank transfers in your checkout flow or environment of choice. Moreover, we tokenise these credentials as well so that recurring payments are as simple as a single-click – our job is to ensure you get your money as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Since our product leverages interbank transfer technology, any payments facilitated by Stitch would be as instant as any normal bank transfer.

As a registered payments service provider, Stitch works with certain businesses to guarantee payment clearing and settlement. If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch!

We are trialing a beta version of our Payouts product now – get in touch if you’re interested in using our Payouts product!

Stitch’s Data Solutions

The Stitch API retrieves all identifying information attached to a user’s bank account, such as name, ID number and type, date of birth, email, street address, postal code, and business name (if a business account).

Yes! Our Bank Statements feature enables you to download a customer’s bank statements (deliverable via PDF) via the API.

Yes – Stitch’s Identity & Accounts product can assist you with complying with KYC-related provisions of local regulation. For business onboarding, we can supply business name and registration number, as well as directorial information and tax registration information.

We can provide detailed transactional, balance & debit order data across personal & business accounts. Our API can pull a customer’s current balance and available balance, as well as all completed and pending transactions. 

The product is also able to pull in-progress payments such as debit orders, even for specific types of debits.

Yes – we provide comprehensive filtering & classification capabilities. Most collections of items may be filtered, such as bank accounts, transactions and debit orders. 

We also provide the capability to classify transactions on the basis of attached vendor codes. We use a machine-learning powered engine to identify transactions against labels such as “Restaurants and Take-aways”, “Books and Stationery”, “Education”, and other.

Yes – our Income Estimation product empowers clients with the ability to verify, within a degree of confidence, the expected incomes and salary of an individual using statistical techniques. 

Our API provides information on a customer’s expected salary, the frequency of when that salary is paid, when we expect that customer to be paid next, and the statistical confidence we have in the data, for our clients to use as they wish.

This varies by financial institution, but at minimum the Stitch API provides access to up to three months of transactions.


We have standard pay-as-you-go pricing available here. As always, it’s free to get started with a test client. For those scaling their solution, we provide custom enterprise pricing with volume discounts. 

Please get in touch with us here to tell us a bit more about what you’re building, and indicate that you’re looking for pricing – our team will be immediately in touch!

We are currently active in South Africa and in Nigeria and are exploring other markets.

We are constantly looking into new geographies, so feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in products in countries we aren’t yet active in!

Developer Questions

Yes! Request access here and let us know a bit more about what you’re building and we’ll get in touch with a test client and access to our API. 

The Stitch API can be consumed from any platform that supports HTTP calls.

You can find them here.

Stitch uses GraphQL. GraphQL API is strongly typed and gives applications a lot of flexibility and ability to optimize queries, both in size, and in response times. 

GraphQL works very similarly to REST, and data is returned in  a JSON document.

This depends on your engineering capacity and speed, but we are able to move as quickly as you are – in some cases, we’ve gotten clients integrated in as little as 3 days!

Yes – we provide both sample and client-specific test credentials which can be used with our test bank accounts. Let us know if you’d like a test client!

Data is served in JSON format over HTTPS.

Stitch commits to at least 99.9% availability for all clients. Our systems leverage managed cloud infrastructure and are carefully architected with scalability and redundancy in mind.

Compliance & Information Security

Stitch does not make card payments, thus, is not in-scope for Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance. However, security is incredibly important to us at Stitch and you can find more information on how Stitch handles security on our home page.

Stitch doesn’t persist the banking data retrieved from users. User information exists in-memory for the duration of a banking session, after which it is removed.

Moreover, customer credentials are individually keyed and encrypted using the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified Azure Keyvault. Stitch makes use of high-entropy encryption algorithms, aligned with evolving best practises in the sector.

We are extremely strict about the third-party JavaScript that we allow on our website and have written in-house analytics to prevent the use of a third-party such as Google Ads, or similar.