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1.1. About Stitch


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The Stitch platform gives developers access to user's bank accounts. Current functionality includes features such as the ability to read balances, account holder details, transaction history, recent debit order payments and more.

Gaining access to these features entails integration with two subsystems, Stitch SSO and Stitch API.

The platform also ships with an integrated development environment that aims to support rapid prototyping. The IDE may be accessed on desktop via the Launch IDE button on the top-right, or via the URL

Stitch SSO

Stitch SSO is a service which allows users to sign-in to supported applications using their bank account login details.

Like other SSO providers, such as Google and Facebook, an application which uses Stitch SSO can request access to a set of scopes. A scope, in this case, is permission to use particular functionality of the Stitch API.

Examples of scopes are accounts and balances, which allow you to retrieve a list of a user's bank accounts and balances respectively.

Users have control over which scopes to allow, and select which of their bank accounts should be included in the token during sign-on.

Stitch API

The Stitch API allows applications to interact with user's bank accounts in a uniform, bank agnostic manner.

The API utilizes GraphQL, allowing applications to optimize performance and costs by fetching exactly the data needed.

The API is protected by Stitch SSO.

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