1.1. About Stitch

The Stitch API makes it easier to access users' bank accounts to enable fast, secure bank-to-bank payments and view financial data like account details, and transaction and balance history.

With Stitch you can:

Stitch consists of two subsystems: Stitch hosted pages, and the Stitch API.

Stitch hosted pages allow users to securely log in with their banking details to grant you access to their financial accounts. This triggers the creation of a user access token.

With the user access token, you can access the Stitch API to query that user’s account.

The platform also ships with an integrated development environment (IDE) to support rapid prototyping. The IDE may be accessed on desktop via the Launch IDE button on the top-right, or by clicking here.

You can get started by accessing test credentials via our self-serve platform.

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💡 Find out how to integrate Stitch using GraphQL in our latest blog post 

Stitch Status Page

Stitch's Status Page is our home for reporting internal and external performance incidents. Here we report on historical uptime as well as outages (both for supported banks as well as Stitch's own services).

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