• Direct Deposit

Process payments made via manual transfer, over API

Allow customers to choose how they wish to pay. Accept direct deposits via API and easily reconcile payments alongside other methods, without needing to integrate directly with banks. 

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Easily reconcile manual deposits image

Easily reconcile manual deposits

No need to integrate with banks directly – reconcile transfers initiated by customers outside of your platform.

Instant settlement image

Instant settlement

Funds settle faster – no need to wait several business days.

Available 24/7 image

Available 24/7

Payments can be initiated at any time – even on weekends.

Use cases

How your business can leverage Stitch Direct Deposit

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce image

    Fulfill orders faster and more seamlessly when accepting manual transfers.

    • Developers

    Build a delightful payments experience without the heavy lifting


    The Stitch API is built on GraphQL for faster and simpler queries, and to integrate seamlessly with your front end. See how easy it is.

    • Why Stitch?

    Think of us as an extension of your team

    We work closely with client teams – from technical support, to custom-crafted solutions, to UI/UX and marketing advisory, and ongoing customer success – to make sure the Stitch API performs for your business.


    Precision engineering

    We have a relentless obsession with solving new, complex problems. We build with painstaking attention to detail, to continually improve on conversion, experience and reliability for our clients and their users


    Client-led ethos

    We offer deep support, working closely with client teams to co-develop bespoke and customised solutions that meet their unique needs – from product architecture to design and marketing support


    Deep infrastructure

    We leverage deep connections across the entire payments stack to provide seamless access to financial systems, resulting in higher reliability and better performance

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