• CashPay

Accept cash payments and reach more South Africans

Automatically allocate payments made in cash to a customer’s digital account when they deposit at ATMs or pay at retail locations.

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    Automate payment attribution

    Automatically attribute payments to a user’s account via a unique barcode presented at till or reference entered at an ATM.

How it works

Get notified and allocate funds instantly

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    Choose cash at checkout

    Customers choose ‘Cash at till’ or ‘Cash at ATM’ from the list of available payment methods.

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    Barcode or payment reference

    Stitch surfaces a unique barcode that can be scanned by the cashier at POS, or presents customers with a unique reference and instructions to complete a payment at a nearby ATM.

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    Get notified and allocate funds instantly

    As soon as the payment is confirmed, the amount is attributed to the customer’s digital account and you receive a notification that the transaction has been completed.

Use cases

Virtually any business that accepts digital payments can benefit from Stitch CashPay

  • Trading or financial services

    Trading or financial services image

    Reach more users by allowing customers to fund their digital wallets with cash.

    • Developers

    Build a delightful payments experience without the heavy lifting

    API The Stitch API is built on GraphQL for faster and simpler queries, and to integrate seamlessly with your front end. See how easy it is.

    Front-end integration We provide hosted pages so you don’t have to build the UI for user-authentication from scratch.

    • Security & Privacy

    We take data security and privacy extremely seriously

    Encryption, confidentiality & consent Sensitive information is securely encrypted and stored inside Microsoft Azure Keyvault, and payments must be authorised by the owner of the account.

    Compliance Stitch is a PCI DSS Level 2 compliant payment service provider.

    • Why Stitch?

    Think of us as an extension of your team

    We work closely with client teams – from technical support, to custom-crafted solutions, to UI/UX and marketing advisory, and ongoing customer success – to make sure the Stitch API performs for your business.


    Precision engineering

    We have a relentless obsession with solving new, complex problems. We build with painstaking attention to detail, to continually improve on conversion, experience and reliability for our clients and their users

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