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29 September 2022

Guide: Top 5 reasons e-commerce customers abandon cart (and how to prevent it)

by Grant James, Head of Business Development

It’s estimated that South African e-commerce retailers are losing over R20 billion to frequent cart abandonment. On the whole, consumers tend to be most frustrated with issues relating to payment failure, high shipping fees, complex site navigation and slow delivery.

It’s clear that the perception of a positive customer experience is inextricably tied to successfully completing the checkout process at an online store. According to the Ovatoyou survey, “a staggering 96% of respondents said they would spend more online if e-tailers’ customer experience was better.”

In a growing market in which one of two customers are put off if the checkout process seems too complicated, and 60% of consumers will abandon their cart if they can’t pay with their preferred payment method, it’s imperative for online retailers to deliver a world-class experience across the board.

To help you prevent avoidable losses and grow your returning customer base, we’ve outlined the top five reasons e-commerce customers abandon their carts in South Africa, and what you can do to remove the barriers to checkout.

Download the guide

For more on the latest trends underpinning the growing South African e-commerce industry, check out our recent article where Stitch Chief Operations Officer Andrew Ma illustrates the factors that South Africans typically consider when choosing an online store – and how Stitch can help e-commerce businesses improve their payments experience.

With Stitch LinkPay, repeat customers can link their accounts to your platform or site and make secure one-click payments every time they check out. Merchants are also able to easily send refunds via the same linked account.

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