6 December 2022

Inside the new and improved Stitch developer docs

At Stitch, we take our developer experience very seriously. After all, it’s the devs that are spending time poring over our docs and code to integrate the Stitch API.

Stephen Mutua, Customer Solutions Engineer

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At Stitch, we take our developer experience very seriously. After all, it’s the devs that are spending time poring over our docs and code to integrate the Stitch API.

We’re on a mission to make it easier and faster to launch and scale financial products, and staying true to that means ensuring you can access exactly what you need, when you need it. That’s why we gave our docs a little facelift, making them even easier and more intuitive so you can get started whenever you’re ready.

Check them out here or keep reading to see what’s new.

Dev docs General image.png

Improved DevX and user experience

A refined search experience now allows you to search for anything within the docs and the schema.

Dev docs Search experiance

You’ll have the ability to easily find what you’re looking for and move through an integration process from start to finish with our new and improved navigation menus.

Dev docs menus.png

You’ll now enjoy automated API-level documentation by introspection that’s always up-to-date and readily searchable.

Automated API-level docs.png

Our user experience has also been optimised for any screen type – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Dev docs screen types.png

You can also customise the visual experience and toggle between dark and light mode.

Dev docs light mode.png

We’ve retained some of the same interactivity and widgets developers loved in our first version of the docs, now with a fresh look and feel.


widgets & interactivity.png

Our customisation options are more accessible, via pre-existing and custom plugins or code.

File-based postman collections can now be replaced with collections from a public workspace to simplify future updates. Try out the requests directly on your browser from the workspace once you’ve updated the required variables.

Content updates

We’ve edited some of the content within the docs, making it more precise, detailed and easier to understand.

We’ve also added technical diagrams, such as the LinkPay first-time user flow and returning user flow so you can see an example of the end product in use.

LinkPay - Wallet.png

For those working with more diverse code languages, we’ve added additional examples in essential sections of the docs.

Dev docs code language examples.png

We’ve replaced any images that can be written in code, like the sequence diagrams, to simplify future updates.

Dev docs sequence diagram.png

Lastly, we’ve introduced a unified look and feel across all of our client integration support material, code snippet plugins, the homepage, footer and 404-page layouts.

  • New interactive widgets geared towards assisting with the integration process
  • We’ll continuously refine content to ensure it’s as up-to-date and intuitive as possible
  • You’ll be able to find additional boilerplate code for snippets and sample integrations
  • We’ll introduce SDKs to make the integration process a quicker and more seamless experience

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