25 February 2021

Hello world! Stitch announces a $4M seed round and leaves stealth mode behind

At Stitch, we’re good at some things. We’re good at building APIs, and we’re good at helping people solve their problems with APIs.

Kiaan Pillay, CEO

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We’ve been busy listening to customers and building products that solve their most important problems. Now that we’ve shipped a smooth developer experience to a bunch of awesome clients, we’re ready to start talking.

“Today the news of our $4M seed round became public, and we left stealth mode behind.”

Raba and firstminute capital led an outstanding group of investors, more impressive and experienced than we could have hoped to be involved with when we started out with just 3 engineers and a broken payments app.

Backing Stitch for our next stage of growth, our seed investors include Raba, firstminute capital, CRE, Village Global, 500 FinTech, FutureAfrica, Norrsken Foundation, Musha Ventures, Iqram Magdon Ismail, Michael Vaughan, Niklas Adalberth, David De Picciotto, Charley Ma, Sima Gandhi, Iyinoluwa “E” Aboyeji, Marc Bhargava, Carl Tremblay, Calanthia Mei, André Mohammed, Hannes Graah, Nitesh Banta, Eli Pollak, Aaron Fu, Johan Bosini, Wayne Stocks, Tom Phillips and other great investors.

We started Stitch because we think building fintech is broken in Africa today. Compliance is hard and there’s no infrastructure, making building products painful and slow — and expensive.

We raised this round because we want to solve this problem in a hurry, and across Africa. (We’re hiring! See roles here) We’ve created developer-centric API infrastructure, where we handle all the hard stuff, like security, privacy and compliance. We want to make fintech accessible and affordable, enabling domain innovators to innovate.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us on our mission so far.  We have learnt so much, so quickly, thanks to industry leaders, clients, and friends in the ecosystem who have shared their fintech challenges and helped us start building solutions.

More to come 🙂


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