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The future of payments infrastructure

Stitch helps businesses connect seamlessly to the financial system to enable fast, secure payments, better manage financial operations, and build products that delight their customers.

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The best partner for growing businesses

At Stitch, our goal is to make it easier for the teams building impactful businesses to launch and scale faster, and to operate more efficiently.

As fintech founders and builders ourselves, we've witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to build the bespoke integrations necessary to launch a financial product. With that in mind, we launched Stitch in South Africa in early 2021.


Our goal is to provide open access to financial systems

We see a world in which businesses can focus on building products and services their customers love, without the need to build and maintain financial infrastructure themselves in order to get off the ground and grow quickly.

Today, we’re working with key clients and partners to build the tapestry for the future of money movement. We believe that if we get this right, it could unlock enormous opportunities for innovators globally and act as a catalyst for economic acceleration across markets.

  • Investors

Our investors and angels include leading VC firms and founding members from some of the most successful fintech companies in the world

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    500 Global
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  • Niklas Adalberth
    Niklas Adalberth
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    Tom Blomfield
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    Emilie Choi
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    CRE Venture Capital
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    Itai Damti
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    firstminute capital
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    Future Africa Fund
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    Hannes Graah
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    Charley Ma
  • Iqram Magdon Ismail.png
    Iqram Magdon Ismail
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    André Mohamed
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    Maijid Moujaled
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    PayPal Ventures
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    The Raba Partnership
  • Matt Robinson
    Matt Robinson
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    Ham Serunjogi
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    Spruce House Investment Management
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    Carl Tremblay
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  • Michael Vaughan.png
    Michael Vaughan
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    Village Global
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Our global team has deep experience building fintech solutions, and we’re growing all the time.