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We help businesses move and manage money. Better.

It’s our mission to provide seamless and open access to the financial system. We enable businesses to accept and send fast, secure payments, streamline their financial operations, and build products that delight their customers – helping them to reach peak performance, faster.

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We’re on your team

Our client-first ethos means we build with and for the enterprises we work with, and we don’t lock them in to a single provider. Our team goes above and beyond for our clients, essentially becoming part of theirs.

From technical integrations and solutions architecture, which we build alongside client teams, to design and marketing support, we help clients carefully craft precise solutions to increase adoption, improve conversion and optimise operations.

  • Enterprise support

We’re here to help you win

Our team works closely with enterprise partners to set them up for success. From day one, we’ll dive deep to understand your needs and pain points, and work with your team to enable the best possible payments experience.


Dedicated Client Success Manager

for consistent guidance and support


Technical onboarding support

from start to finish for the best possible integration, in the shortest time


UI/UX guidance and support

to ensure optimal conversion and a streamlined payments process


Marketing and communications

strategy and advice for successful launch and promotion


A dedicated team

that regularly brings new products, innovations and ideas to help your business grow


Payments solutions, engineered with precision

We’re relentless about better, more efficient money movement, and we craft payments solutions designed to reduce friction.

We build using the latest technologies and offer a superior developer experience, enabling businesses to integrate faster and with fewer resources.

With obsessive attention to detail and a focus on enhancements to the metrics that matter, you can trust us to bring you solutions before you know you need them.

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The future of payments infrastructure

Our direct integrations with banks and PSPs leverage deep connections across the payments stack for superior reliability and simplified access to the open banking innovation transforming our markets.

We make it as easy as possible to build delightful products on top of our API.

  • Investors

We’re backed by leading investment firms, and founders and early builders from some of the most successful fintech companies in the world

  • 500 Global.svg
    500 Global
  • RaliCap.svg
  • Niklas Adalberth
    Niklas Adalberth

    Founder, Klarna

  • Tom Blomfield.png
    Tom Blomfield

    Founder, Monzo

  • Emilie Choi.png
    Emilie Choi

    President & COO, Coinbase

  • CRE.svg
    CRE Venture Capital
  • Itai Damti.png
    Itai Damti

    Co-founder, Unit

  • firstminute.svg
    firstminute capital
  • Future Africa.svg
    Future Africa Fund
  • Hannes Graah.png
    Hannes Graah

    VP of Growth, Revolut

  • Charley Ma.png
    Charley Ma

    Fmr. Head of Sales, Plaid

  • Iqram Magdon Ismail.png
    Iqram Magdon Ismail

    Founder, Venmo

  • André Mohamed.png
    André Mohamed

    Founder, Freetrade

  • Maijid Moujaled.png
    Maijid Moujaled

    Co-founder, Chipper Cash

  • PayPal.svg
    PayPal Ventures
  • Raba.svg
    The Raba Partnership
  • Matt Robinson
    Matt Robinson

    Founder, GoCardless

  • Ham Serunjogi.png
    Ham Serunjogi

    Co-founder, Chipper Cash

  • Spruce-House.svg
    Spruce House Investment Management
  • Carl Tremblay.png
    Carl Tremblay

    Head of Growth, Plaid

  • Truelayer.svg
  • Michael Vaughan.png
    Michael Vaughan

    Fmr. COO, Venmo

  • Village Global.svg
    Village Global

Start moving money better. Work with Stitch to improve your payments’ performance

We work closely with client teams – from technical support, to custom-crafted solutions, to UI/UX and marketing advisory, and ongoing customer success – to make sure the Stitch API performs for your business.

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